Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter fun

April 23, 2011

Samuel accompanied his parents to 9 Lambert to work on an attic ventilation improvement project. While Samuel had a short nap, K, K and Grant installed some insulation dividers to provide more air entry at the roof edge. K&K also delivered some new vent pipes. Their brother-in-law, Adrian, will install these. Meanwhile we were celebrating our friend Ross's birthday with a brunch with friends at his place. When we all got together mid-afternoon, the rainy weather had turned into sunshine so we improvised a stroller so Samuel could go for a walk. Luckily an old wagon and Bill's belt did the job.

Samuel discovered our neighbour`s dog, Ourson, so he joined in the walk too.

Before dinner, Samuel completed his Easter colouring contest entry. We all enjoyed our family Easter dinner together.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Work and Play

 April 17

Today Samuel and family visited to complete the wedding invitations using the Bowman paper cutter.

While his parents were busy, Samuel headed for his drum, making music with Bill's spatula and a hockey stick. Then he headed for the stairs - he loves to climb!

Finally he worked on his Easter coloring contest entry for the Metro store - his Mom helped him a bit while Kirk examined our attic to case out some ventilation problems.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Samuel Shows off his Knee Walking

April 10
Today Bill was busy with the Scout fertilizer sale. Barbara drove up for a visit with the little man. Kirk and Karine were reviewing the text of the insert for their wedding invitations. Kirk explained that they had perfected a system for copying the text onto their homemade paper. This involved using a rolling pin and a clear sheet of paper to feed it through the printer.
Samuel cheerfully shared a hot dog with Kirk and loaded a bag with blocks. Most importantly, he demonstrated his knee walking skill. He is fast!  Wait for the video at end to load!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Samuel visits after the Wedding Show

Noon, April 3 2011

We were birding with OFO all morning, but returned at noon to be with Kirk and Samuel while Karine was at the wedding show.  We were surprised that Karine was with them and HAD ALREADY GOTTEN HER DRESS.  Wow!

Samuel had lunch and also enjoyed a bagel with cream cheese.  He was a bit fussy, as he is getting new teeth.  He went down for a short nap, then went home to see the puppies.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Sap Boiling

April 2, 2011

We dropped in on Saturday morning to give Samuel his new bike helmet, which we got at the MEC Scout discount night.

Samuel practiced his walking while the sap was boiling.  He still prefers to get down and walk on his knees.