Monday, December 19, 2011

Samuel Discovers Bubble Wrap

Dec 18, 2011

We had Craig scheduled to arrive at 1 pm, so K, K & S  decided to come and have a visit with him, then shop a bit while Samuel was having a nap at our place.

Well, it did not quite work out that way.  Craig was bumped to a later flight and had to spend 5 hours in Toronto.  K, K & S decided to come ahead anyway, as they needed to finish their shopping.  We were delighted, and had a light lunch soon after they arrived. Samuel enjoyed playing with the electronic Santa whose eyes light up and plays Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Soon the doorbell rang, and it was Canada Post with 3 large boxes.  The largest one had a single large present in it for Samuel from Cathy, Bruce and Sean.  Samuel paid no attention to the gift box, but the bubble wrap that was packed around it was an instant hit.  Kirk showed him how to stomp on it to make the bubbles pop. We all tried it out. Samuel learned to select one bubble and pop it with his fingers.

It was after 1 pm when Samuel went down for his nap, and K & K got away to shop.  He slept right through to 4:30, so was raring to go for the bubble wrap when he got up and his parents returned.  Rick had come over to see Samuel and have dinner with us  .

By then we had the bad news that Craig's flight was further delayed.  So all decided to go out for a walk to check out the neighbour's Santa  and lights displays, while Grant and Bill went to the airport.

Craig finally got in and we all had supper together, then played for a while.  Reluctantly, it was time for the little guy to go home to bed - but we will be seeing him again soon. The bubble wrap is waiting.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Babysitting at Samuel's

Friday, Dec. 9 2011

Kirk and Karine had tickets to see "Oliver" at the NAC, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to babysit.  We arrived as they were finishing supper.
Barbara brought a cake, as it would be Karine's birthday in a couple of days
and she and Kirk would be celebrating it at the Wakefield Mill.  She blew out the candle and then they were off to the theatre.
Samuel entertained us by playing peek-a-boo in his highchair.  As usual, Boots was glad to lick up the mess when Samuel was finished.

Samuel and Grant played for a while tiring us out just watching them.  Bill decided to turn the van around to be ready to leave later, and when he came back in, Samuel was in bed.
We read our books until Kirk and Karine returned, whereupon she opened her gifts and served dessert.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Samuel Discovers Santa

December 3, 2011

It was a Christmas shopping day for Kirk and Karine. Although he missed his Mom for a few minutes when she dropped him off at 9 Lambert for a grandparents/uncle day, he quickly rejuvenated when we went outside for a trip to the park.

Swinging was a little more challenging in a snowsuit. His puddle jumping fun had turned into slipping on the ice. Sliding worked well with nylon snowpants speeding up the descent. He decided mitts were not needed, although it was quite cold. It was easier to push the wagon without mitts.

Then he discovered Santa. A neighbour on Keppler had just put out his wooden Santa and sleigh. He quickly learned how to say Santa and spent some time examining Santa, his teddy bear and his "chiens".

Then he moved on to looking down the sewer grates with Grant, searching for "l'eau".

When his parents returned, he demonstrated his piano playing skills (with a little help from Karine and Grant).