Monday, October 31, 2011

S the Skunk

October 30, 2011

After our three week vacation we were anxious to see Samuel. When we arrived for a visit, he was outdoors “helping” his Dad who was putting wheelbarrow loads of compost on the garden. He helped fill a Halloween bag with leaves and played with Grant. Suddenly he remembered our gravel shoveling time a month ago. He ran to the shed and pointed to the pail for the rocks. Soon we were busy shoveling gravel again. Karine says another favourite activity is vacuuming.
Karine was making some vegetable soup in the kitchen. Just before lunch, Samuel showed off his Halloween skunk costume made by his Mom. He liked playing with his new water pump (from Croatia); just blowing air was fun. He had a good lunch and then was off for his nap about 12:30.
He will be trick or treating at a street in Wakefield Halloween night – enjoying the other kids in costume and sharing his loot with his parents.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Samuel, Kirk & Boots visit 9 Lambert

October 2, 2011

Kirk and Samuel came over to 9 Lambert for a Sunday visit while Karine was at work. We enjoyed our playtime together. Samuel demonstrated his apple eating skills. He munched on English Monkey for lunch.

After a 2.5 hour nap, he was ready for more play. We hiked over to the apartment building where Boots could run in the grass and Samuel, Grant and Boots could test out the playstructure.

When Karine joined us at suppertime, he experimented with playing the piano for the first time...  finally it was time to put on his shoes and head home. He won`t see his grandparents for three weeks are they are off to Croatia tomorrow.