Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Samuel explores the Barn

Saturday, May28

What an adventure to discover all the nooks and crannies of the Barn in Masham, the wedding venue for his parents, July 30. It was a family visit with his parents and his two grandmothers. He loved sampling the fresh asparagus!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


May 23, 2011

We were pleased to see Samuel proudly show off his walking skills. He walked up to Boots and Bagel who just returned from a weekend at the cottage with us while Samuel went climbing/camping at Val David with his little friend Simon. In his excitement, Boots knocked him over but he quickly recovered.

  He also showed us his skills digging into a bag of spicy adzuki chips and then using a large fork – he likes to be just like us. We shared a dinner of sand-baked beans, vegetarian burgers, sausage, corn, salad and Karine’s home-made banana loaf. He’s a great eater!

After dinner, he showed us his lively horseback riding routine.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day with grandparents

May 5, 2011

We had a day with Samuel at his home, Barbara in the morning and Bill in the afternoon. His family had been sick with the flu and a cough. K&K were anxious to get back to work but Samuel was still not well – runny eyes and nose, tired, etc.

Barbara’s morning started out with a short walking demo - right into Kirk’s arms - before he left for work. We had a busy play time for a few hours, and then he seemed tired. Highlights were climbing into a new wagon and rocking it back and forth and practicing his talking skills.
(videos may take some time to load)

As it was a bright cool day, we set up for a walk, well wrapped up in his stroller and with his two enthusiastic dog buddies he was ready to go…  we hiked around Pine Loop, following the dogs on a side trip down to the Gatineau River. As usual, he loved his outside time.

Back home for lunch and a long rest.

Bill arrived from his morning birding trip and joined Barbara for lunch before she left for work.

Samuel got up about 2:30 and played with Bill inside with his wagon and other toys.  After an hour, he needed a complete change, and then they took the wagon outside to play on the driveway.  Samuel really likes being pulled in his wagon.  After several trips up and down the driveway, while listening to neighbour Jodie playing her violin, Karine came home from work and took over supervision duties.