Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers' Day - June 19

K, K, S, B & B (dogs) joined us at the cottage for a beautiful sunny weekend.  (Sunday was a bit cool with a steady north breeze).

They arrived about noon on Saturday, and it wasn't long before Samuel and Boots were in the water.  Samuel is much more confident on his feet now, even on the rough terrain.

Samuel enjoyed his swimming ring and beach toys.

Kirk and Karine wanted to put up their tent. but first we had to take down a tree that was hanging over the fence and tenting area.
Samuel loved Barbara's hammock chair.
Wait for video to load...

On Sunday, they went for a short paddle.  Then Samuel tried out the old playpen and high chair that we kept for 35 years.

Mimi dropped over for a visit bearing gifts.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A late afternoon visit

June 12, 2011

K&K&S have just returned from a five day trip to Montreal. While Karine was on training Kirk and Samuel picked out a wedding suit for Samuel (they also visited the Biodome).
Samuel is a real outdoors man - loving his time playing outside. As well he enjoys his time with the dogs - and with his grandpa.

He eats well, proudly using his own fork.

After dinner, Boots cleans up anything that Samuel dropped.  And Samuel shows off some of his toys for Uncle Grant and Grandpa.