Sunday, December 4, 2011

Samuel Discovers Santa

December 3, 2011

It was a Christmas shopping day for Kirk and Karine. Although he missed his Mom for a few minutes when she dropped him off at 9 Lambert for a grandparents/uncle day, he quickly rejuvenated when we went outside for a trip to the park.

Swinging was a little more challenging in a snowsuit. His puddle jumping fun had turned into slipping on the ice. Sliding worked well with nylon snowpants speeding up the descent. He decided mitts were not needed, although it was quite cold. It was easier to push the wagon without mitts.

Then he discovered Santa. A neighbour on Keppler had just put out his wooden Santa and sleigh. He quickly learned how to say Santa and spent some time examining Santa, his teddy bear and his "chiens".

Then he moved on to looking down the sewer grates with Grant, searching for "l'eau".

When his parents returned, he demonstrated his piano playing skills (with a little help from Karine and Grant).

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