Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breakfast at Café Alpengruss

We wanted to make a day trip to the cottage to see Colleen and Terry.  When other drivers came forward to drive the Venturers to Otter Lake camp, we got our chance on February 19.

We called Kirk and Karine, intending to bring a breakfast with us to share on our way to the lake.  But Kirk had an even better idea.  We would all breakfast together at Café Alpengruss in Wakefield.  We had never been, in all those years of back and forth to the cottage.  So it was a very special treat for us.

Samuel was very good and enjoyed the restaurant, especially when another young boy came in and sat at an adjacent table.

After breakfast, they took Samuel on a walk to shop in downtown Wakefield, and we headed off to Grand lac des cèdres.  We went snowshoeing with Colleen and noticed Farley's van at Reudi's.  So afterwards we went over and chatted with them and Ruedi.  Then we had a late lunch with Terry and Colleen and watched the Tourament of Hearts curling on TV.

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