Monday, March 28, 2011

Maple Syrup Time

March 26 and 27

Karine was working on the weekend, so we dropped in to lend a hand with the sap boiling.  They had already boiled enough sap to have several jars of syrup ready to become wedding guest gifts but more were needed. Kirk and Grant managed the boiler, while Barbara entertained Samuel inside.  He did come out to help too and tried his sled with Reuben (Henk and Jodi's dog) on board and tried some warm fruit with sap from the boiler. Bill cooked some lunch on the BBQ after Kirk borrowed a propane tank from Jim next door. 

On Sunday, Bill was birding, but Barbara came up again to help Kirk, Samuel and the dogs with the boiling. They snacked on some toasted bread dipped in sap - yum! It seemed to ease the teething gums.

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