Thursday, July 7, 2011

Samuel swings at the park

Sunday, June 26

What a pleasant afternoon - as Grandpa Bill was off paddling the Dumoine River, Barbara and Grant were designated Samuel sitters. B&B went with K&K to a visit Kirk's colleague's country spot near Almonte - a good place for dogs to run. So... we listened to Samuel chatting away on the monitor. He happily practices talking when he wakes up from a nap. He had a late lunch on the deck, very interested in our canary, Ari, who came out to join us. He waved and smiled at Ari.
Then he tried out his new climbing structure - he likes sliding! He loved chasing around the backyard after the brand new ball his parents got for him at their visit to Canadian Tire on the way over. Then he tried out the garage Barbara found a a recent neighbourhood garage sale.

Finally - a real hit - a trip to the park! He could have stayed in the swing all afternoon - but we got hot, so decided to get him  to try out some other activities. After a final swing, we headed home.

We improvised a short hockey practice.
He showed off his applesauce eating skills...  then it was time to head home. A very sleepy little boy.

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