Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Samuel discovers wilderness canoe camping

September 3-4, 2011

Although Samuel was squeezed into his family canoe with his parents, two dogs and camping and fishing gear, he enjoyed his view from the bow (a natural spot for a Bowman).
The camping destination was Lac Vert, past Lac Ste. Marie over a very bumpy unserviced road. Followed by a major portage of 600m, hilly and muddy. He hiked it, following his Mom who was wearing a big yellow pack. Negotiating through three little lakes and crossing another portage, he arrived at the beautiful clear blue-green Lac Vert.
He loves water, so got right in to test it out (and to get cleaned up). His parents built a little “bateau” which he could pull with a string. When Barbara, Bill and Grant arrived on Sunday, he could show them his water skills.

Because of impending rain, the family and visitors decided to leave together late Sunday afternoon. More paddling and portaging.

We shared our stories over dinner together at Samuel’s home (although he quickly went to bed to rest up for another fun day).

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