Monday, November 7, 2011

Samuel’s Saturday visit

November 5, 2011

Karine was in Halifax for a course and Kirk had some work to do on the stairs in his house.  So he brought Samuel over at 9am to spend the day. We had a great time together.

Uncle Grant entertained him with his garage and bus. He also enjoyed a couple of apples and playing the piano.

He hopped in his wagon for a visit to see Mary Anne on her birthday. One little boy and three adults at the Space Park on a beautiful day. Samuel enjoyed trying out the equipment, although he was little shy when he found another boy his age.

After lunch, he had a long nap over 3 hours, then it was time to go home. He and Grandpa sat on the stairs to put their shoes/boots on.
Kirk continued to work, just stopping for supper, while Samuel had dinner and played with his toys. We tucked a tired boy in before we left.

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