Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby-sitting at Samuel's

Dec. 23, 2011

As the daycare was closed, Bill, Grant & Craig volunteered to come to Samuel's house to baby-sit for the day.

Samuel was just finishing his breakfast when we arrived shortly after 7 am.  Karine and Kirk were hurrying to leave for work, so Grant brushed off their cars while Sam finished up.
After they left, Craig and Bill watched in awe, as Grant played game after game with Samuel.  They broke some more bubble wrap too.

Finally we decided to dress him up and take the dogs for a walk around Pine Loop.  Grant pulled Samuel around the yard in the sleigh a few times, then Craig pulled him in the wagon for the dog walk.

After the walk, Craig chased Samuel up the driveway and we brought him inside for some lunch and a change.  Afterwards, Samuel had a long nap, so we were able to rest up a bit.

Kirk and Barbara got off work early and were the first to return.  Samuel got up and the boys had a card game.  When Karine got home, we had a light supper followed by Craig's red velvet cupcakes.  Samuel enjoyed them, as did we all.

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