Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve Day at Grandpa's and Barbara's

Dec 24, 2011

Karine had to work on Saturday, Christmas Eve, so Kirk brought Samuel over after dropping her off.  We had breakfast together, then Samuel had a real treat - a bath.  He has no tub at his place, so uses the shower instead.  He really enjoyed the "eau" for quite a while until Barbara turned on the bubbler.  He did not like that.

Samuel knows "oiseaux" now, so was excited to see a Cardinal at Craig's feeder in the backyard.
We decided to go sliding at the apartment building park.  Getting dressed for outside is a production, as he has to take off his "pantoufles" and put on his "bottes". Samuel was not keen on the Santa hat, but did not mind it over top of his regular one.
Samuel slid down the hill a couple of times, then decided he would rather run down.  He tried the baby slide at the park, but seemed to prefer the bigger tube slide.

We returned home so Kirk could prepare the giant tourtierre with 7 kinds of meat.  Samuel had some lunch while Grandpa and Craig sampled some of the giant cookies that Rick had bought for us.

Samuel went down for a nap, while Grandpa carved the turkey and Kirk baked the tourtierre.
When Samuel got up, he played bubble wrap with Craig while Kirk went to get Karine.

When we were reunited, Craig gave K&K the wedding video that Pamela had taken and edited; we all enjoyed that.
We had Christmas Eve dinner enjoying the tourtierre and also the vegetable casserole that Craig made.  The musical crackers provided much entertainment with Karine directing.

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