Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Dec 25/26, 2011

Kirk, Karine and Samuel slept over and we were all up bright and early.  We wanted to have breakfast and open Sam's stocking and one gift before Karine had to leave for work at 7:15.


The rest of us got another coffee and opened more gifts.  Samuel tried on Craig's toque with the built in headphones.  Then he played a few tunes on the piano and shot some hoops with his new basketball.

Then Samuel had a bath, which he really enjoyed, playing with his new boat and frog toys.

After lunch Samuel had a good nap.

Wanda, Stephanie, Valarie and her Grant came over in the afternoon.  Kirk went to get Karine, and they returned for a short visit before Samuel got up and the three of them left for Aurel & Diane's.

Anne and Bruce came over and we all had Christmas dinner together.  The next day, the whole gang got together again at Wanda's for a Boxing Day pot luck.  The cats were closed in the basement, but Samuel went down for a play - he loves a "minou".  Valarie's cat, Daisy, was especially popular.

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